How do you solve problems when you’re the leader?  Your employees expect you to have the answer and your clients are paying you for solutions, right?  As an owner of several businesses, the best advice I usually receive is from someone who “has already walked in my shoes.”  Because when it comes to solving problems, the people who have already tackled it are the ones I want to hear from first!  I’m not big on re-creating the wheel and am a big believer in learning from others.  In today’s society, that’s not easy to do because apprenticeships and mentoring disappeared a long time ago.  Now if you’re a Christian business owner or manage a profit center in a larger company, the wise counsel of a trusted person is even harder to come by.  In fact, successful Christian businessmen have more challenges because evil forces are actively trying to knock you down, and tempt you with wealth, power, and status!  So where do we look to for help?


Many thousands of business leaders across the country have found success to these problems by joining business peer groups.  There are both secular and religious groups in every state.  Peer groups provide a great confidential, safe, and educational environment.  They also are a short term “retreat” for the leader who needs a break from working “in the business” in order to “work on the business” once a month.  Leaders like to be around other leaders.  And knowing that sharing information will be kept confidential allows them to open up and really explain the root of their dilemmas.  These groups are not networking events, but rather more like a board of advisors that helps provide an objective perspective and improves clarity on tough issues.

The time commitment and cost must be weighed against the value received from business peer groups.  Personally, I always found more benefit because I received multiple opinions at one time and solved problems faster by vetting ideas “on the spot”.  Referrals from peers to other consultants also helped me tremendously because I could outsource a solution with a trusted advisor without having to get too many vendor quotes.

Most importantly, business peer groups provide a close network of people you can trust.  The groups are comprised of non-competing leaders, so there are no undermining agendas at work.  And on top of trust and advice, you actually feel good about helping other peers with problems by chipping in your two cents.  All in all, Business peer groups provide win-win relationships!

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